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Sark aim to cut road repair cost with shipping discount

Sark Shipping's Sark Venture
Chief Pleas may ask Sark Shipping to grant the discount

Sark's Public Works Committee is asking for an 80% cut in the cost of bringing road repair machinery to the island.

It wants Chief Pleas to agree to direct Sark Shipping to grant the discount.

The committee wants to bring in a large capacity tractor, a crusher and a grader blade in order to bring the roads up to standard.

It said machinery hire and freight from the UK is very expensive and it was seeking as many ways as possible to save money.

The committee said the work is due to take two weeks and it intended to repair all the roads in Little Sark and as many as possible of those on Big Sark that were not repaired last year.

Sark Shipping is owned by the island and has operated the passenger and freight service between Guernsey and Sark since 1969.

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