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Last Updated: Wednesday, 4 April 2007, 11:18 GMT 12:18 UK
Graffiti vandals challenge police
Police in Guernsey have been taunted by graffiti vandals who have sprayed "You'll never catch us" on walls.

A group calling themselves GSC have sprayed references to a spate of fires in St Martin's on the Port Soif kiosk and Grande Rocques toilets' walls.

Crime Prevention Officer Bernie English said he wanted to turn it round and challenge the people of Guernsey to find out who they were.

Four young people have so far been arrested over the suspected arsons.

'Confident' vandals

Jan Le Noury, who runs the Port Soif Kiosk, said: "We found the place smothered in graffiti, I don't think I've ever seen quite as much in one go and it's very, very, unsightly.

"Thankfully the States have been down and cleaned it and repainted it so you wouldn't know anything had happened right now."

Mr English said: "There's phrases like 'you're never going to catch us' which would indicate that these people are perhaps particularly confident that not just the police but any witnesses may not be able to identify who they are.

"My view personally is to try and turn it around and these people are not just challenging the police, they're challenging everybody and perhaps it's a challenge for the people of Guernsey to find out who they are."

Police said six town roads - Vauvert, Victoria Road, La Charotterie, Ruette Braye, Mount Row and Ville au Roi - were targeted by someone with a bright yellow spray can.

The incidents took place some time between 1700 BST on Monday and 0700 BST on Tuesday.

Guernsey Police are asking for any information about the crimes or from anyone who has had yellow spray paint taken.

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