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Last Updated: Saturday, 17 March 2007, 11:37 GMT
Audit office refuses BBC request
Chief Minister Mike Torode
Mike Torode does not want a public inquiry
The Wales Audit Office has refused a BBC request for more information about its report into the tendering process for Guernsey's new clinical block.

It was called in to examine how far political interference caused RG Falla to pull out of the tender process for the block at the island's hospital.

A number of questions were asked by the BBC under the UK's Freedom of Information Act.

But the auditors will not release any further details. The BBC has appealed.

Breach confidence'

The Wales Audit Office said giving out the information would be likely to harm relations between the UK and Guernsey, could breach the confidence of the people they interviewed and would discourage co-operation with auditors.

A response to the appeal is due in 20 days.

The entire Policy Council resigned after the highly critical report into the tendering process for a new clinical block at Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

The independent investigation followed concerns the Policy Council may have used its influence to encourage building firm RG Falla to withdraw its tender for the clinical block, despite its bid being 2.4m lower than the one accepted.

Guernsey's Chief Minister Mike Torode, who had previously called for a public inquiry, said he believed it was better to let the matter rest now.

"I think Guernsey has suffered enough with this being drawn out, there wouldn't be a huge amount to gain by continuing with a full inquiry," he said.

But Deputy Barry Brehaut still believes a public inquiry would be beneficial.

"As a democrat I see no harm at all with getting as much information out there as possible, so the public ultimately can make up their own minds."

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