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Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 November 2006, 15:52 GMT
Replica hand gun debate welcomed
A Guernsey police officer is welcoming a States debate on banning replica hand guns.

The proposal forms part of a Home Department review of the island's gun laws which States members will debate at this month's meeting.

Sgt John Tostevin said he was concerned about them being used irresponsibly.

Battletec Airsoft Survival Games' Philip Page said, while some people do misbehave, those who played at his events were "very responsible".

'Worst nightmare'

Mr Page said he supported most of the amendments but that some of them would "stifle" the sport.

He added he was "extremely disappointed" there had not been more consultation over the amendments with his industry.

"There are always going to be some people who misbehave and police do need good boundaries and guidelines but I am extremely disappointed that no-one consulted us for workable and realistic proposals," he said.

Sgt Tostevin said: "We have to deal with the situation when these toys, as people describe them, are carried by members of the public.

"My worst nightmare is somebody producing one of these firearms and the fatal consequences of that."

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