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Last Updated: Tuesday, 5 September 2006, 16:33 GMT 17:33 UK
Diver survives three days at sea
Matthew Harvey
Matthew Harvey had tea and toast with hospital nurses
A diver missing for nearly three days in waters near Guernsey is back at home after being found alive.

Matthew Harvey, 35, went missing while diving near Fermain Bay at 0900 BST on Saturday morning.

He was found at about 1900 BST on Monday and taken to Princess Elizabeth Hospital suffering severe exhaustion.

Those involved in the search included the Channel Islands Air Search, the lifeboat, the Flying Christine and police divers.

It is unusual to survive three days, but not impossible
Neil Tucker
Members of his family said they were "very relieved" at his rescue.

His father, Dan Harvey, said: "He was able to recognise us and make a few jokes. When he saw his mother, he apologised to her for the trouble.

"This morning he was having tea and toast and talking with the nurses."

Chief ambulance officer Neil Tucker said: "It is unusual to survive three days, but not impossible.

"It all depends on buoyancy aids, sea temperature and a lot of other factors."

Mr Harvey is a social history officer with the Guernsey Museum Service.

Director of heritage services Peter Sarl said: "My first feeling was one of disbelief as to how anybody could survive in the water for such a long time then one of overwhelming joy."

Diver named as search continues
04 Sep 06 |  Guernsey

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