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Banned football scores fetch 900
1944 Football results from Guernsey's Secret Active Press
Bulletins would normally have been burned after being read
A set of football results that two men risked death to produce during Guernsey's Nazi occupation has sold for 900 at a UK auction.

L E Bertrand and Reginald Warley compiled the results of English and Scottish matches for Guernsey's Secret Active Press in 1944.

They would have faced execution if the banned typewritten document was found.

Auctioneers Mullock Madeley had given an estimate of 300-500 ahead of the Shropshire auction on Wednesday.

A statement of supreme defiance - and so totally British
Mullock Madeley auctioneers

Historical document expert Richard Westwood-Brookes said football memorabilia usually attracted people in search of unique items.

"But this must rank as the rarest set of football results ever produced," he said.


The slightly frayed document is dated 10 September 1944, and showed results from the previous day.

It is signed by L E Bertrand, editor and organiser of the Guernsey Active Secret Press and Reginald Warley, who typed out the bulletins.

Such news publications were prohibited under the occupation.

To produce the item, one of the men would have had to listen to the results on a self-assembled radio. Scores would have then been transcribed and typed out into bulletins.

Most of the documents would have been burned immediately after being read.

Mullock Madeley describes the document as "a statement of supreme defiance - and so totally British".

"It says a lot about what people were really like. It would have taken their mind off dealing with life under the occupation," said Mr Westwood-Brookes.

It was sold to a telephone bidder, together with a printed copy of the history of the group issued in 1945.

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