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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 December 2005, 12:41 GMT
Islanders celebrate election win
Sark is moving in line with European human rights laws
Twelve islanders are celebrating after victory in Sark's election.

All the candidates other than Patricia Graham were successful in their quest to become People's Deputies in Chief Pleas, the island's governing body.

The turnout at Wednesday's poll was 212 out of 422, or just over 50% of the island's electorate.

This is expected to be the last election under the current constitution, as Sark has now agreed to reform its system of government.

This follows a legal challenge on human rights grounds.

The new deputies who will be working on the reforms are: Paul Armorgie, David Cocksedge, Peter Cole, Richard Dewe, Patricia Graham, Adrian Guille, Geoff Gurden, Janet Guy, Tony Le Lievre, David Melling, Helen Plummer, Paul Williams and Sandra Williams.

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