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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 March, 2005, 10:24 GMT
Islanders seek fair trade status
Guernsey could be declared a fair trade island if campaigners are successful in their attempts to get more shops to stock the right products.

The accreditation relies on satisfying a number of criteria, including the supply of goods that give farmers in the developing world a decent salary.

One man behind the drive, Steve Mauger, thinks local shoppers are keen to buy ethically produced products.

He says the perception that fair trade goods are over-priced is not true.

Good-willed citizens

"I think years ago there was a belief that fair trade products were expensive and of poor quality," he said. "It's the reverse now for sure."

"Also we've got to recognise our position.

"Do we want to be good-willed citizens and there may be a slight price to pay for that, but, judging by the islanders as a whole, lots of people are shopping and lots of people are buying fair trade."

Do you buy fair trade products?
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