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Last Updated: Monday, 21 February, 2005, 15:31 GMT
Dolphin deaths still on increase
This is the second dead dolphin washed up within a month
The dolphin was washed up on L'Ancresse beach
A dolphin washed up on a Guernsey beach is believed to have died because of controversial fishing methods.

La Societe Guernesiaise has teamed up with Greenpeace to monitor pair trawling activity around the island.

The organisations say this is the second dead dolphin they have found in less than a month and the figures are rising each year.

The groups hope to collect enough evidence to get some aspects of the fishing method banned.

La Societe Guernesiaise has been campaigning for a ban on pair trawling since 2001, along with the introduction of dolphin friendly fishing methods as part of a review of the EU Common Fisheries Policy.

Badly decomposed

Martin Gavet, the marine mammal recorder from La Societe Guernesiaise, said although there was no conclusive evidence, initial investigations suggest that pair trawling was to blame.

Several of the dolphin's teeth were missing
The dead dolphin had lost a whole row of teeth
"The dolphin was too badly decomposed to establish the exact cause of death, although rows of teeth were missing from the jaw, possibly indicating that this was another victim of by-catch," he said.

Pair trawling involves stringing large nets between two vessels, several metres apart. It can yield a very large catch but dolphins can become entangled and die.

"Dolphins lose whole rows of teeth as they try and chew through nets in a frantic effort to escape before they drown," said Mr Gavet.

Last month a male common dolphin was washed ashore on the west coast, with apparent evidence of by-catch including knife wounds.

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