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Chernobyl children to pay visit
Children from Chernobyl with Bailiwick residents on a previous visit
Chernobyl was the scene of the world's worst civilian nuclear accident
A group of children from the former Soviet province of Chernobyl are to visit Alderney this summer.

The children, accompanied by an interpreter, will live with local families and take part in a wide range of activities.

The Chernobyl plant was the scene of the world's worst civilian nuclear accident in April 1986, when its number four reactor exploded.

Alderney has been hosting children from Chernobyl for the past seven years.

Medical checks

Local people take the children into their homes and allow them to enjoy the pollution-free atmosphere of the Channel Islands.

Trip organiser Alan Woodnutt said the benefits of a month away from the radiation in their home area lasted far longer than might be expected.

He said the children who come to Alderney were among the fittest of their peers, but also benefited from medical and dental check-ups while in the island.

Some island families have also developed long-term links with children they have hosted.

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