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Campaign looks at domestic violence
Domestic violence. Picture posed by models
The forum wants to do everything it can to publicise the problem
The plight of victims of domestic violence in the Bailiwick is being highlighted.

The Guernsey Domestic Violence Forum is staging a special awareness week to make sure more is done to help people who are attacked by their partners.

The forum says it is still concerned that there may be a serious lack of emergency accommodation for victims of domestic violence on the island.

However, it says it is doing everything it can to show to those who suffer abuse that help is available.

There are still a lot of people who see it as the Cinderella of crimes
Diana Brehaut
Diana Brehaut, who works at the island's women's refuge and is chairwoman of the island's domestic violence steering group, says the everything is being done that can be to publicise the problem.

Mrs Brehaut said it was important people recognised domestic violence is just as unacceptable as attacking people in public.

She said: "There are still a lot of people who see it as the Cinderella of crimes, if you like.

"Because a lot of it happens behind closed doors, some people may feel that's where it should stay.

"We're doing everything we can in our power to see it comes out into the open.

"If people are in a domestic violence or abuse situation and can't come and tell us about it, maybe we can get to them somehow."

During the forum's awareness campaign, information boards on the issue are being placed at the entrances to local supermarkets and a public presentation is taking place on Wednesday evening at St James at 1900 GMT.

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