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Turkish press fears 'coup plot' tensions

President Abdullah Gul
President Abdullah Gul

Much still needs to be done - that is the message in the Turkish press following the arrests of dozens of officers implicated in an alleged military coup plot.

There is anxiety that the government's talks on Thursday with armed forces chief Gen Ilker Basbug may not have done enough to calm the situation.

Several papers warn that the continuing uncertainty is bad for Turkish democracy.

Ferai Tinc in HURRIYET

President Abdullah Gul taking the initiative to find common ground between the government and the army might reassure society, but this is not a permanent solution. What we need is a democratic solution to prevent a fresh fight between the institutions.

Cengiz Candar in RADIKAL

It is better to see the summit as an important step towards Turkish "normalisation". But of course, these developments do not end the possibility of other tensions… There is still a long and painful way to go.

Nazli Ilicak in SABAH

Although the summit has given the impression that there is no clash between the institutions, it is not possible to talk about a permanent thaw. Will the army's discomfort end as the court cases and the arrests continue? … The issue is in the courts and the solution is there.

Mehmet Ali Birand in POSTA

The tension has been frozen or delayed for a while. But we cannot tell if an agreement or compromise has been achieved… We can only wait. What happened yesterday will become clearer in the coming weeks and months.

Fikret Bila in MILLIYET

Although there is no guarantee that this compromise will have a long life, efforts in this direction will prepare the ground for the institutions to return to their normal duties.

Tufan Turenc in HURRIYET

No country in the world can tolerate such huge and continuing tension… The unanswerable questions on everyone's mind are "What is happening?" and "What will be the outcome?"

Orhan Birgit in CUMHURIYET

We all want to be sure that our problems will be solved within the framework of the constitution and the laws… It is our democracy.

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