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Transcript: Concorde crew's last words

The official transcript from the cockpit voice recorder of the Air France Concorde Flight 4590 showed that the pilots were unaware anything was wrong until alerted by the control tower at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.

Date: 25 July 2000. Time: 16:42 17 sec (local time)

Control tower: "Air France 4590, runway 26 right, wind zero 90 knots (sic), take-off authorised."

Co-pilot: "4590 taking off 26 right" (sound of switch).

Pilot: "Is everyone ready?"

Co-pilot: "Yes."

Flight engineer "Yes."

Pilot: "Up to 100, 150" (followed by unclear words, sound of switch). "Top" (noise similar to engines increasing power).

Unidentified voice on radio channel: "Go on, Christian."

Flight engineer: "We have four heated up" (sound of switch).

Co-pilot: "100 knots."

Pilot: "Confirmed."

Flight engineer: "Four green."

Co-pilot: "V one" (Low-frequency noise).

Pilot: (unclear)

Co-pilot: "Watch out."

Control tower: "Concorde zero ... 4590, you have flames (unclear) you have flames behind you."

Unidentified voice: (simultaneously on radio) "Right" (background noise changes, sound of switch).

Mechanic: "Stop (unclear)."

Co-pilot: "Well received."

Flight engineer: "Breakdown, eng, breakdown engine two" (two sounds of switches, followed by fire alarm).

Unidentified voice on radio: "It's burning badly, huh" (Gong)

Flight engineer: "Cut engine two."

Pilot: "Engine fire procedure" (sound of switch, end of ringing).

Co-pilot: "Warning, the airspeed indicator, the airspeed indicator, the airspeed indicator" (sound of switch, gong).

Person in control tower: "It's burning badly and I'm not sure it's coming from the engine" (Switch sound similar to fire extinguisher handle being activated).

Pilot: "Gear on the way up."

Control tower: "4590, you have strong flames behind you."

Flight engineer: "The gear" (alarm, similar to toilet smoke alert).

Control tower: "Beginning reception of a Middle Marker."

Co-pilot: "Yes, well received."

Flight engineer: "The gear, no" (Gong).

Control tower: "So, at your convenience, you have priority to land."

Flight engineer: "Gear."

Co-pilot: "No" (two switch noises).

Pilot: "Gear (unclear), coming up."

Co-pilot: "Well received" (fire alarm, gong, three switch sounds).

Co-pilot: "I'm trying (unclear)."

Flight engineer: "I'm hitting."

Pilot: "Are (unclear) you cutting engine two" (end of smoke alarm).

Flight engineer: "I've cut it."

Control tower: "End reception Middle Marker."

Co-pilot: "The airspeed indicator" (sound of switch, end of ringing).

Co-pilot: "The gear won't come up" (fire alarm rings).

Aircraft instrument: "Whoop whoop pull up".

Aircraft instrument: "Whoop whoop pull up".

Co-pilot: "The airspeed indicator."

Aircraft instrument: "Whoop whoop pull up".

Fire service leader: "De Gaulle tower from fire service leader."

Control tower: "Fire service leader, uh ... the Concorde, I don't know its intentions, get yourself in position near the south doublet" (sound of switch).

Pilot: (unclear).

Fire service leader: "De Gaulle tower from fire service leader authorisation to enter 26 right."

Co-pilot: "Le Bourget, Le Bourget, Le Bourget."

Pilot: "Too late (unclear)."

Control tower: "Fire service leader, correction, the Concorde is returning to runway zero nine in the opposite direction."

Pilot: "No time, no (unclear)."

Co-pilot: "Negative, we're trying Le Bourget" (four switching sounds).

Co-pilot: "No (unclear)."

Fire service leader: "De Gaulle tower from fire service leader, can you give me the situation of the Concorde" (two gongs and sound of switch, followed by another switch and sounds likened to objects being moved).

Pilot: (unclear, sounds like exertion).

Pilot: (unclear, sounds like exertion).

Pilot: (unclear, sounds like exertion).

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