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European travel chaos: Your experiences

A man walks through the snow in Brussels, Belgium
Brussels is among many European cities to be hit by the severe cold

Europe is facing severe transport disruptions as the extreme cold sweeps across the continent.

Air, rail and road links have been severely disrupted across northern Europe and more snow is expected throughout the week.

Here, European readers describe their experiences of the heavy snow and travel disruptions.


My husband and I are on our honeymoon, a trip that started in Paris and was meant to continue in London.

We never made it to London and were stuck in Paris for three days waiting for the Eurostar to start running.

Brian Ryan and Kristina Eckland-Ryan
Kristina and her husband Brian never made it to London

We have gotten minimal support and information, and are required to pay all expenses out of our own pocket.

In addition, our hotel room in London is prepaid, and there is a bottle of champagne on ice for the newlyweds that will never be opened as Eurostar cannot get us to London, or even give us any idea of when the next available train to London will be.

The London part of our honeymoon is completely ruined.

After scrambling to find a way to get out of Paris for the holidays, we are now spending our honeymoon with my mother in Sweden.

We are heartbroken, we'd spent a year saving for this trip.


Rebecca Brown (R) and fellow stranded passenger Santiago Garner (Pic: Rebecca Brown)
Rebecca Brown (R) has been stranded at Milan Malpensa airport for 24 hours

I have been stuck in Milan's Malpensa airport for the past 24 hours.

After a four-hour delay they decided to cancel our flight due to the heavy snowfall.

Easyjet are not providing us with food or accommodation, so everyone, including families, have been forced to sleep on the floor.

I was flying to Spain to see my family, and the next flight that I can get probably won't be before 28 December.

I am very sad. I don't know what to do - I've only got a little money left and it will need to go on food. I can't afford to stay in a hotel.

Stranded passengers at Milan Malpensa airport (Pic: Rebecca Brown)
There are hundreds of people stranded at Milan Malpensa airport

People here are getting very angry and there are hundreds of stranded passengers.

The police have had to get involved to try to calm people down at the airport.

Many countries cope with snow on a daily basis, why is it such an issue now when there are proper measures that could be taken?

I'm so sad, I just wish I could go home.


e-mail sent in by reader

We were going from Brazil to Italy for our honeymoon. Unfortunately, Malpensa Airport in Milan was closed and we had to go back to Lisbon. We are now stuck in Lisbon, in a hotel provided by our company, and we don't know what it is going to happen.
Erica and Fernando, Lisbon, Portugal

e-mail sent in by reader

I am currently stuck in Malpensa airport in Milan. My flight back to England has now been cancelled four times. Easyjet have not been helpful at all. I have had to sleep in the airport with thousands of other passengers.
Melissa McMahon, Milan, Italy

e-mail sent in by reader

It is a disgrace how major airports have closed and flights have been cancelled in the UK. I was stuck at Manchester airport on Sunday for about seven hours and even though it hadn't snowed for about six hours the runway was closed again. It was so embarrassing, the SAS staff were calling Manchester airport third world. I landed in Helsinki in half a metre of snow and it was still snowing heavily. The airport was operating just fine. Really heavy snow all at once is also extreme for Helsinki as is the weather for England now, yet we cope. It's all down to investment. These delays and cancellations must cost the airports millions, surely it is better for the long term to invest in proper machinery to cope with this type of weather.
Marko, Helsinki, Finland

e-mail sent in by reader

I just spent six hours travelling from Milan to my home in Magenta, Italy - a distance of just 50km. It was total chaos. There were thousands of cars everywhere and numerous accidents, but not one snow plough to be seen.
John Sloan, Milan, Italy

e-mail sent in by reader

I'm from London but now based in Switzerland. We haven't yet had the bad snow that most places have recently received, although it was -13C the other day and the snow has started to fall now. My jeep froze overnight. This is the first time it has experienced -13C.
Kevin Carter, Baar, Switzerland

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