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Drink lands Serb leader in court

Serbian President Boris Tadic. File photo
President Tadic said he only made a toast and did not drink

Serbian President Boris Tadic has been summoned to court for allegedly breaking the law by drinking at a football stadium.

President Tadic, the sports minister, and the head of the football association allegedly celebrated a Serbia win by drinking champagne.

They are due to appear in court on 1 December, Judge Zoran Pasalic said.

The consumption or possession of alcohol is forbidden at Serbia's sports venues to prevent violence.

The fines range between $150 and $1,500, the Associated Press news agency reported.

Police filed charges against all three after photos were published showing them with full glasses immediately after Serbia's World Cup qualifying victory in October.

Police said they are accused of "violating the law preventing violence and indecent behaviour at sports matches".

Mr Tadic has said he would pay the fine if necessary. He apparently only made a toast and did not drink.

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Champagne trouble for Serbia head
16 Oct 09 |  Europe

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