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Cinema warns Bruno film 'is vile'

Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno
Bruno sees Sacha Baron Cohen reprise his gay fashion reporter character

An Irish cinema showing controversial film Bruno has taken a novel approach to attracting customers, warning them that the film is "vile".

The movie, starring Sacha Baron Cohen as an outrageous fashion reporter from Austria, has shocked some people and has even been banned in Ukraine.

The British Board of Film Classification has warned audiences the film contains "strong sex and sex references".

Film fans ringing for showtimes at the Diamond Cinema in Navan were told on the recorded message: "Bruno is particularly vile.

"It leads to a hell of a lot of complaints from people who say 'we didn't think it was going to be that bad'.

"It is that bad - it will offend every prejudice in the book, believe me, so don't come after the film and tell us how horrible it was."

He adds: "One or two people have enjoyed it though."

Rated 18 in the UK and 16 in the Republic of Ireland, Bruno sees Cohen playing a gay Austrian fashion reporter who travels to the US to make his name.

The unknown cinema employee has become a cult figure around the world, thanks to a YouTube clip of his voicemail warning.

The cinema has since changed its phone message, but he helpfully directs people to "pump in Navan and Bruno into YouTube".

"Thanks very much for your interest but the times have changed and we're into today's programme," he says.

Since the warning was first published, it seems the cinema has attracted at least some satisfied customers.

"The Moynalty Virgins Club were in last night and they say it's unmissable," he says.

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