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Greenland poll: Your comments

Inuit boots hanging on a line, Uummannaq, Greenland

The left-wing Inuit Ataqatigiit party has won Greenland's parliamentary elections, ousting the Social Democratic Siumut Party, which governed the territory for 30 years.

IA will be the first party to govern the semi-autonomous Danish territory under an expanded home-rule agreement.

Under the new status, Greenlanders will be able to make decisions on most issues.

BBC News website readers in Greenland have been sending in their reaction to the historic result.

Below are their comments

It is a very historic moment for all Greenlanders that we finally will governed by IA lead coalition.

We have developed more independent ways to govern our own country without losing some of the cultural values

In peaceful negotiations, we have developed more independent ways to govern our own country without losing some of the cultural values like language, way of living and some of the traditions.

Thereby I am extremely happy and honoured on behalf our ancestors who had given us and shared this big and harsh island so we can exist for so many generations.

For the first time Inuit Ataqatigiit (Brotherhood of Inuit) got a majority where female elected members make up more than half the parliament. For every election IA has made progress and finally last night we won completely. Yes I'm very happy and full of joy.
Axl Jeremiasson, Nuussuaq

I am very, very happy with the results of the election.

I hope that new leadership will steer the country towards the future and not the past

It is no easy task to make the government work better, and it will take time, but I am in high hopes that we are making a turn for the better.

My greatest concern for the country is that in the past few years there has been a rush in pursuing industries of the past century - drilling for oil, mining for diamonds, inviting CO2 emitting projects such as aluminium smelters. (Shame on the "developed" countries that flock to our pristine environment in hope of making fortunes and spoiling our land.)

I hope that new leadership will steer the country towards the future and not the past - generating solar power from 24 hours of sunlight during the summer, and combining it with wind power; developing sustainable tourism; and prioritising industries of the next century, such as environment and sustainability and IT.

Another important thing for us is to speak out to the world to gain understanding towards our culture and subsistence.

Our economy and traditional way of life have been suffering badly ever since a richly-funded campaign to ban seal products, which was based on lack of understanding.

We are totally against the brutal slaughtering of seal pups in Canada. People in Europe do not even know that this is not done by the indigenous Inuit but by white people. We need to communicate with the outside world, to generate more understanding and respect towards each other. We have a lot to learn, and I think we have a lot to offer too. This has hardly been done in the past. I hope that our new government will be more effective in reaching out to be part of the international community.
Saki Daorana, Nuuk, Greenland

The new generation is beginning, and that is good. There are many new young faces in parliament and some are well educated - that is what we need.
Hans Heilmann, Nuuk , Greenland

This is so great, it's going to be good to have a change in political power.
Inuk Olsvig, Sismiut

I am very happy about the election result! It was time for a change. And it was a pleasant surprise to find that others felt the same way. It gives new hope for the future. Especially now that Self Rule is taking place June 21, 2009.
Maria P. Kjaerulff, Nuuk, Greenland

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