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G20 leaders miss 'family photo'

G20 family photo - 2/4/2009
Which G20 leader was meant to be on Mrs Merkel's left?

World leaders gathered in London for the G20 summit have had trouble meeting for a complete "family photo".

Canada's PM Stephen Harper missed the first sitting, then the Italian prime minister and Indonesian president went astray for the second.

Mr Harper was at first said to have been in the toilet, but a denial was issued saying he was being briefed on the latest draft communique.

It is unclear why the other leaders were absent.

When Mr Harper failed to take his place - marked by a Canadian flag - next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the group's picture was taken anyway and they dispersed.

They later reassembled for a second attempt, but this time the Italian and Indonesian leaders failed to show up.

It has not been announced if a third attempt will be made at a complete group photo.

The G20 summit brings together the leaders of the world's leading economies, including the European Union, and the heads of international organisations such as the UN, the World Bank, the IMF, the New Partnership for Africa's Development (Nepad) and the World Trade Organisation.

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