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Kosovo issues its first passports

A Kosovo Albanian holds the first passport of the Republic of Kosovo issued in Pristina (30/07/2008)
The passports will only be valid in countries which recognise Kosovo

Kosovo has issued its first passports, five months after the government declared independence from Serbia.

Citizens queued for hours to collect the dark blue documents emblazoned with text in English, Serbian and Albanian.

The first of the passports, which each cost 25 euros ($39), was presented by Prime Minister Hashim Thaci in the capital Pristina.

It is unclear whether the papers will be accepted by countries which have not acknowledged Kosovo's independence.

However, it is expected that UN documents will remain valid for travel to those countries.

Collecting her passport from Mr Hachi, Pristina resident Teuta Begolli said she was "honoured and happy".

"I never thought I'd be the first one to get the passport of the world's newest country," she said.

Ms Begolli, 28, said she would only travel to countries that have recognised Kosovo.

To date, 43 states have done so, while Serbia and its ally Russia have led opposition, insisting the breakaway territory should remain a province of Serbia.

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