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Spain: 'No fresh food'

Empty shelves in a supermarket in Aranjuez
Some supermarkets have run out of milk and meat.

The truck drivers' strike over the rising price of diesel in Spain has now affected the delivery of petrol and food in some towns.

Nieves Lopez Gil lives in Granada. She contacted the BBC News website to describe how the strike is now affecting her daily life as supermarkets and petrol stations run out of stocks.

Read some of your comments

There are very long queues at the petrol stations. I was eventually able to fill my car last night after a very long wait.

The government says that the petrol supply will be re-established and that they will make sure we don't run out of supplies. But people are not so sure about it and are panic buying.

If there is no petrol I will not be able to get to work, as I drive there.

In the supermarket, they have ran out of fresh food like milk andmeat and there are just a few fruits and vegetables left, because the strikers have blocked the delivery trucks.

Nieves Gil
The strike affects us, the consumers, but rising oil prices are not our fault.
Nieves Gil, Granada

The rest of the products we can get without a problem, but people are stocking up.

I think this strike is unreasonable. Yes, the price of fuel has gone up quite considerably in the last year, but we have all been affected by it.

The strike affects us, the consumers, but rising oil prices are not our fault. It isn't even our government's fault, but OPEC's.

The truck drivers are demanding a cheaper price of fuel for them so that they can offer a cheaper service to be more competitive. But why should they get special treatment? Measures like this will only mean a step back for free market.

Read the story of a trucker stranded in the strike

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Read a selection of your comments on this story:

Returning home after three days in the UK I found no fresh meat in my main supermarket. Fruit and veg supplies were almost non-existent although there was some fish, mainly locally farmed Trout and Salmon. It's going to get pretty hard in a part of the country that tends to exist on fresh produce and very little frozen or pre-prepared foodstuffs. There's already garages running out of both diesel and petrol. With the general recession and weekly/increases in unemployment food shortages and rising prices could be the last straw for some. If the strikes continue people fighting over a bag of rice in the local supermarket or shop lifting is a distinct possibility.
Pete Brown, Granada, Spain

I arrived on Friday to live and work here in Madrid and it has been quite chaotic - everyone is panic buying fuel and food. People have been queuing for up to 4 hours in petrol stations. The roads are all pretty much blocked so people can't get anywhere (not that there is any fuel to go anywhere with!). It took a friend of mine 3 and half hours to get to work the other day and he's a doctor. They seem pretty bent on creating chaos and general panic here.
Jen Hayward, Madrid, Spain

The strike is only in its second day and already it is like the end of the world is nigh. Supermarkets here in Almuņecar have been cleared out of every essential as people have panic bought. No water, no milk, no fruit or veg and as for fuel, forget it! A rather serious situation could be on the cards if the strike is not halted quickly...
Kelly Keating, Almuņecar, Spain

Costa del Sol now running out of Fuel, big que's at the garages and some are now out of fuel as people are "panic buying"..
Mark Borrow, Costa del Sol, Spain

The blockages seem to have taken effect quite quickly. In the supermarket yesterday there were whole shelves completely empty. Seems to have especially hit fruit, vegetables and ... lambrusco wine for some reason.
Adam Hayward, Barcelona, Spain

I am also self-employed and at the end of the day we are all paying more for fuel to get from a to b. Garages in San Pedro de Alcantara have now run out of diesel. Most of the bigger Supermarkets still have ample stocks. I am told that the strike will be on until at least Thursday. The roads are clear of all lorries on the Costa del Sol, including ones used in the construction industry.
Vanessa, Estepona, Malaga

I work in Torrevieja, Alicante and as a precaution we've had to cancel all unnecessary travel and make sure our cars are full of petrol to be able to get to and from work. Our internal post hasn't turned up today as even small delivery companies are also striking. I went to the supermarket last night to ensure I had plenty of basic provisions like water and milk as the manager of a local supermarket informed me that they had already stopped receiving goods and are depending of existing stocks. What amuses me more than anything is that there is a huge population of foreigners who live in this area, especially Brits who don't listen to Spanish news or read Spanish newspapers who simply don't have a clue what's happening. I'm making sure I advise each foreign client I speak to, to make sure that they have enough petrol in their tanks to see them through to the end of the week. On the plus side, there are no trucks or large lorries on the road, everyone is driving more slowly to conserve fuel and therefore, there are less boy racers cutting everyone up and hopefully, this means that the level of road traffic accidents on Spanish roads may even go down for once!!! Every cloud has a silver lining....
Emma, Alicante, Spain

By first thing Tuesday morning, the only 2 filling stations in the Orba and Jalon valleys had both sold out of diesel and petrol. We only have a small amount of petrol left, certainly not enough to go down to the coast in the hope of finding somewhere that still has supplies. Our friends visiting from France are low on diesel and won't be able to return home on Saturday unless the situation improves.
Vernon Pearce, Orba, Spain

I live in Spain the town of Albox, We filled up our car yesterday and were told that the garages in Albox would have No petrol by today. The supermarkets are running low on fresh foods and are out of bread. There are rumours that the Army will be out on the streets soon to ensure that the drivers who want to work can.
Helen Burton, Spain

I went to a local mini-market in Barcelona next to where I work. There were only a few, old apples left on the shelves. I did not buy any. This crisis has to end.
Stuart Martin, Barcelona, Spain

I live in Castelldefels and already yesterday there was no petrol in our local station, just the remaining supplies of diesel. This is also all happening on top of an ongoing strike of bus drivers here in Barcelona.
Gregory Haines, Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain

The huge "Al Campo" supermarket near me was running low on frozen brocolli and completely out of red kidney beans. There was however, a "3 for the price of 2" offer on a well known brand of beer that was stacked up to the ceiling so I soon got over my initial disappointment. Iīm also getting to work in half the time this week as the traffic has simply vanished. I will happily pay 20% more to fill up if I donīt have to sit in the usual tailbacks half the morning.
Steve Chadwick, Alcala de Henares - Madrid

The media is largely to blame for the gas shortages since 'panic buying' started a full day before the strike thanks to state media reporting there could be problems at some gas stations. If they hadn't said anything, no one would have acted any differently.
MAL, Madrid, Spain

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