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Swedish nuclear suspects released

A policeman stands in front of the entrance to the Oskarshamn nuclear power plant, Sweden
The nuclear plant accounts for 10% of Sweden's electricity production

Two men arrested on suspicion of attempting to sabotage a nuclear plant in southern Sweden have been released, police say.

Both men were stopped on Wednesday at the entrance to the plant after traces of explosives were found on a bag.

Police said the investigation was continuing, but there were no grounds to hold the men any longer.

The Oskarshamn plant - owned by German energy giant E.On - was shut and sealed off while inspections took place.

The substance found in the bag was believed to be TATP, or triacetone triperoxide, an extremely unstable material which can be made using household chemicals.

TATP was used by the so-called British "shoe bomber" Richard Reid, who planned to blow up an aeroplane in 2001.

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