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Polish PM's No to Olympic opening

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk
Poland wants a greater initiative from the EU on Tibet

Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk has said he does not intend to go to the opening of the Olympics in August in the wake of China's crackdown in Tibet.

In comments to the Dziennik newspaper, confirmed by his spokesman, he said Poland was a medium-sized country and was not looking to take the first step.

"But my opinion is very clear: the presence of politicians at the Games' inauguration seems inappropriate."

EU foreign ministers will discuss Tibet at a meeting in Slovenia on Friday.

But so far there has been little appetite for a boycott of the Olympic Games.

EU foreign affairs chief Javier Solana said earlier this month that he would attend the opening of the Games and Cyprus and Denmark have called for the event to remain clear of politics.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has not ruled out a boycott of the opening ceremony.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus has announced he will not be going to the opening ceremony although he said his motivation was "not a threat to China".

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