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Last Updated: Saturday, 23 February 2008, 17:23 GMT
Okpara sentenced to jail for rape
Godwin Okpara
Okpara was sentenced to 10 years, his wife to 15.
Nigerian former football international Godwin Okpara faces 10 years in a French jail for the rape, torture and enslavement of his adopted daughter.

His wife Linda was sentenced to 15 years. The couple had denied all the charges against them. They are expected to appeal against the sentences.

The court heard that the abuse was carried out at the family home in Chatou, west of Paris.

The adopted daughter had arrived in France as a young girl in 2000.

Okpara, 35, admitted to having sex with the adopted daughter, then 13, on one occasion in 2005. But he said it was at her instigation.

The daughter testified in court that it was after discovering the pair together that Linda Okpara, 42, began mistreating her - torturing her and subjecting her to cruel sexual acts.

'Inhumane conditions'

The daughter also told the court she was not allowed to go to school and was forced to carry out menial housework. Nights were spent sleeping on the basement floor on a damp mattress, she said.

Prosecutors said the couple colluded with an aunt of Linda Okpara to keep the daughter in inhumane living conditions.

The aunt was sentenced to 18 months in prison for failing to prevent the crimes being carried out.

Okpara played for French sides Strasbourg and Paris St Germain.

Nigeria's Okpara in French jail
24 Aug 05 |  African

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