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Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 January 2008, 07:58 GMT
Sarkozy's ex-wife awarded damages
Cecilia Sarkozy. File photo
Cecilia is seeking 250,000 euros in damages from Closer
French President Nicolas Sarkozy's ex-wife has won 30,000 euros (22,321) in damages from a French magazine which printed photos of her in a swimsuit.

The picture of Cecilia Sarkozy was set opposite one of Carla Bruni, a former model who became the president's girlfriend, also seen wearing a bikini.

A court near Paris found Closer guilty of violating the former First Lady's right to privacy.

The pair divorced in October, ending an 11-year marriage.

She now goes by the name Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz.

Provisional measure

Ms Ciganer-Albeniz's lawyer described the court's ruling as "a very fair decision", saying that the pictures "were revealing of malicious intent" toward her client.

Nicolas Sarkozy with his girlfriend Carla Bruni visiting Egypt on 30 December
Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni holidayed in Egypt in December

Michele Cahen said it was as if the photos - which showed both women wearing similar, black bikinis - "were comparing goods".

The lawyer added that the ruling was a provisional measure pending the outcome of further hearings into the matter.

Ms Ciganer-Albeniz, 50, is seeking a total of 250,000 euros (186,000) in damages.

After his divorce, President Sarkozy began a relationship with Ms Bruni, 40. The liaison has been front page news around the world.

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