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Cecilia Sarkozy fails to ban book
Books about Cecilia Sarkozy
Three books are being published about the former first lady
A French judge has rejected a bid by President Nicolas Sarkozy's ex-wife to block publication of a book about her.

Cecilia Sarkozy had demanded a full injunction, arguing that "Cecilia" by Anna Bitton violated her privacy.

In the book, France's former first lady is quoted as calling the president a "womaniser", "cheap" and "a man who loves no-one, not even his children".

The Paris civil court ruled a ban would be "totally disproportionate", mainly as the book went on sale on Thursday.

Ms Sarkozy's lawyer immediately announced that she would appeal to a higher court against the decision.


"Cecilia" is one of three books about her which were set for publication this week, such is the public fascination with the president's personal life.

Excerpts of Anna Bitton's book have already been published in French magazines and newspapers.

In one excerpt, the president's ex-wife is quoted as criticising his entourage as "a gang of young guys drunk on power who take themselves for the princes of Paris".

The couple's divorce was announced in October 2007 and Nicolas Sarkozy's subsequent relationship with the Italian singer and ex-supermodel, Carla Bruni, has been front-page news around the world.

He told reporters on Tuesday that the romance was serious but he would not comment on claims that they were about to marry.

Cecilia Sarkozy's legal team react to the verdict

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