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Sarkozy walks out of TV interview
French President Nicolas Sarkozy takes off his microphone during the CBS interview.
Mr Sarkozy brought a swift end to the questions
French President Nicolas Sarkozy abruptly terminated an interview with US television when asked about his recent divorce from his wife Cecilia.

Earlier he called his press secretary an "imbecile" for scheduling the interview with CBS's 60 Minutes show.

Mr Sarkozy, who announced his divorce on 18 October, has always refused to talk about his private life in public.

"If I had something to say about Cecilia I would certainly not say it here," Mr Sarkozy told CBS.

Earlier in the interview, held in his office at the Elysee Palace in Paris, Mr Sarkozy appeared in an impatient mood.

"He is stupid," he said of his press secretary.

"I don't have the time. I have a big job to do ... I'm not angry, I'm in a hurry," he told CBS.

Later he brought a swift end to the questioning when asked about his ex-wife.

"You asked me that question," Mr Sarkozy seems to say as he pulls off the microphone, stands up and walks away from the interviewer, Leslie Stahl, who appears confused.

"Bon courage," Mr Sarkozy was heard saying off camera before leaving the set.

The interview was broadcast on Sunday 28 October, but conducted two weeks before the president and his wife announced their divorce.

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