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Last Updated: Wednesday, 29 August 2007, 23:03 GMT 00:03 UK
Man may face cannibalism charge
The building in Vienna where Josef Schweiger was killed.
The suspect is reported to be suffering from schizophrenia
A man accused of murdering his flatmate in Vienna was apparently preparing to eat his alleged victim's body parts, Austrian police say.

Robert Ackermann, 19, was held after he was found next to the naked and mutilated body of Josef Schweiger, 49, in accommodation used by the homeless.

Mr Ackermann, a German, had blood around his mouth when he was found.

Police spokesman Gerald Hoebarth said parts of the victim's tongue and brains had been found on a plate in the flat.

Investigators say they cannot rule out that the suspect had eaten parts of the victim.

Mr Schweiger appeared to have been killed by a 10kg (22lb) dumbbell which cracked his skull.

Mr Hoebarth said the body had been slashed with a knife "from the throat to the genitals" but that "there was no removal of organs from the breast and stomach area".

The two men were staying in a flat used to provide short-term accommodation for homeless people.

Police say Mr Ackermann has remained silent during interrogations, apart from confirming his name and that he comes from Cologne in Germany.

Media reports say the crime was discovered when Mr Ackermann showed a cleaning lady the body.

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