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Gorbachev stars in luxury bag ad
Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in Vuitton ad
Mr Gorbachev had a bumpy journey from communism to capitalism
Like Margaret Thatcher, French luxury goods maker Louis Vuitton has found that it can "do business" with former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

Seated in a car, a bag at his side, Mr Gorbachev is pictured beside the Berlin Wall in a new ad campaign.

As part of the deal, the firm made a donation to Mr Gorbachev's Green Cross International environmental group.

The series of ads also features tennis stars Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi and French actress Catherine Deneuve.

The images were taken by American photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Company officials said it was Mr Gorbachev's idea to pose beside the Berlin Wall.

Mr Gorbachev's far-reaching reforms of the Soviet system accelerated the collapse of communism in the 1980s.

Baroness Thatcher, the former UK prime minister, once remarked: "I like Mr Gorbachev. We can do business together."

Gorbachev's legacy
11 Mar 05 |  Europe

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