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Russian billionaire numbers grow
Roman Abramovich (right) with fellow tycoon Arkady Gaidamak
Roman Abramovich (right) has made London his home
Russia now boasts 53 billionaires, mainly in oil, steel, mining and metals, Forbes magazine reports.

Oil tycoon Roman Abramovich remains the richest Russian, with a fortune estimated at $18.7bn (9.7bn).

The number of Russians on the rich list has grown by 19 in the past year. They are third behind the US and Germany.

The Russian billionaires' total fortune amounts to $282bn (146bn). Their average age is 46, compared with a global average of 62.

Young and rich

After Mr Abramovich, who is in 16th position overall, a group of five Russian businessmen are placed from 35th to 40th on the Forbes list.

Russia's five richest
Roman Abramovich, $18.7bn
Suleiman Kerimov, $14.4bn
Vladimir Lisin, $14.3bn
Vladimir Potanin, $13.5bn
Mikhail Prokhorov, $13.5bn
Source: Forbes Magazine

Suleiman Kerimov, 41, is involved in the stock market and is worth $14.4bn, Vladimir Lisin (steel tycoon), 50, has assets valued at $14.3bn, Vladimir Potanin (metals), 46, is worth $13.5bn, Mikhail Prokhorov (metals), 41, is valued at $13.5bn and Oleg Deripaska (aluminium), 39, is worth $13.3bn, according to Forbes.

Roman Abramovich, 41, currently lives in Britain and is chairman of Chelsea Football Club, where he has invested hundreds of millions of pounds of his own money. Chelsea won the English Premiership title in 2005 and 2006.

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