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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 March 2007, 13:39 GMT
Grenade found in sack of potatoes
The sack of potatoes contained a nasty surprise
A 74-year-old Italian woman was shocked to find a live grenade in a sack of potatoes she had bought at a market.

Olga Mauriello, from a small town near Naples, had put the potatoes into water to peel them when she discovered the mud-covered, pine cone-shaped grenade.

She alerted the neighbours, who in turn called the police.

Officers detonated the grenade on Wednesday in a park in the town of San Giorgio Cremano. It is thought to have come from a farm in France.

The grenade had no safety pin and was still active. It is believed to be a type used by the US Army in Europe during World War II.

"If I hadn't felt its weight, I wouldn't even have realised that it was a bomb," she told Reuters news agency.

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