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Polish PM vows restitution deal
Meeting in Warsaw
Mr Kaczynski met a delegation of Jewish former owners in Warsaw
Poland hopes this year to settle the issue of compensation for those whose property was seized during and after World War II, the prime minister says.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski says he will do his utmost to achieve this goal.

His comments came at a meeting with Jewish campaigners seeking compensation or the return of property seized by the Nazis and later by the Communists.

Since Communism collapsed 18 years ago, no Polish government has been able to pass legislation to resolve the issue.

'Not enough'

Mr Kaczynski said that there was a "good will" on his government's part to settle the restitution issue, the prime minister's office reported.

Mr Kaczynski pledged to work hard to ensure parliament passed a compensation law by the end of the year.

His comments came during the meeting in Warsaw with members of the Jewish Claims Conference, who represented Jewish families and their heirs whose property had been seized.

Some of the property was lost during the Nazi Holocaust.

Much more was later confiscated by the Polish Communist authorities and has since been sold on privately to new owners.

During Wednesday's talks, the Jewish campaigners teamed up with their Polish counterparts for the first time to present a united claim.

It is a highly complicated and sensitive issue, the BBC's Adam Easton in Warsaw says.

A draft law currently under consideration would pay 15% of the value to all who lost property.

The government says it has no money in its budget to provide for claims which some estimate could amount to $20bn, our correspondent says.

Both the Polish and Jewish groups say this is not enough.

Jewish claims make up about 14% of the total. Less than 10% of Poland's 3.5m Jews survived the Holocaust.

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