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Last Updated: Friday, 1 December 2006, 13:55 GMT
French children 'need wine class'
Woman picks grapes in Bordeaux region
The report puts forward plans for reviving the French wine sector
French schools should teach children the virtues of drinking wine, a report by France's governing party says.

The report says children who learn how wines are "cultivated and transformed to acquire their taste" are more likely to stay healthy and respect nature.

Wine classes at school could also lift the global standing of French wines, the report by the UMP party says.

France's wine industry has been hit by foreign competition and a fall in domestic consumption.

The wine industry employs some 75,000 people in France.

Per capita consumption in the country has fallen to 55 litres per year from 100 litres per year in 1970, the report says.

"To hold a forceful position in the world, French wine must first assume a strong position at home," the report says.

It calls for young people to be taught the history and qualities of various types of French wine.

"Learning about healthy living starts from childhood and primary school," the report says, citing studies that have indicated drinking red wine can stave off diseases.

The report also says children should be warned of the dangers of drinking too much alcohol.

To help lift the fortunes of the French wine industry, the report recommends better training for winemakers, simpler categorisation of wines and an international advertising campaign.

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30 Nov 06 |  Health

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