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Europe news quiz 2006
An escaped bear, a fake volcano, two dramatic escapes and the World Cup...

What do you remember about the big stories of the past 12 months?

Test your knowledge of European news events in our quiz.

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Question 1
Whose neighbours were so alarmed when he staged a mock volcanic eruption at a garden party that they called in the fire brigade?
A: British pop singer Sir Elton John
B: Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi
C: German racing driver Michael Schumacher
Question 2
Bruno, the first brown bear to roam free in Germany for 170 years, was shot dead in May. Where did he come from and how?
A: He is thought to have escaped from a private collection in Bavaria
B: He crossed the Alps from Italy, where authorities are trying to reintroduce the species
C: He was released by animal rights activists from a circus on the outskirts of Munich
Question 3
Romanian Leonard Orban and Bulgarian Meglena Kuneva were accepted as European commissioners, ahead of their countries' accession to the EU in January. But commissioners for what?
A: "Multilingualism" and "consumer protection"
B: "Ethnic minorities" and "emergencies"
C: "Counter-terrorism" and "women's issues"
Question 4
What part did four women on horseback play in a dramatic rescue attempt?
A: They drove away a pack of wolves surrounding an occupied tent in Romania
B: They raised the alarm after coming across an old man snowed into his Russian cottage for two weeks
C: They led a herd of horses stranded by floods in the Netherlands to safety
Question 5
The 2000-year-old Lupanare was re-opened to the public after renovations, but what is it?
A: A complex of baths used for early Christian baptism in Ephesus, Turkey
B: An elaborate brothel in Pompeii, Italy
C: A Roman necropolis deep beneath the Vatican
Question 6
In January Russia cut off supplies of gas to Ukraine in a dispute over rising prices. How much did Russia want to charge for 1,000 cubic metres of gas?
A: $65
B: $170
C: $230
Question 7
The semi-finals of the World Cup in Germany were contested by four European teams for the first time since...?
A: 1974, in West Germany
B: 1982, in Spain
C: 1990, in Italy
Question 8
Turkey suspended military ties with whom, and why?
A: Germany, after Chancellor Angela Merkel recommended Turkey not be allowed full membership of the EU
B: The EU, after it suspended parts of Turkey's membership talks
C: France, after French MPs voted to criminalise denials that Ottoman Turks committed "genocide" against Armenians
Question 9
Natascha Kampusch escaped from her Austrian kidnapper after eight years in captivity. What was the response of a neighbour when she knocked on a window after escaping and explained her plight?
A: The neighbour asked her to come back later
B: The neighbour asked her to get off the lawn
C: The neighbour gave her some small change
Question 10
Which country withdrew from the Eurovision song contest before it started, and why?
A: Serbia-Montenegro, amid claims that Montenegrin judges had favoured Montenegrin over Serbian contestants
B: France, after its contestant refused a culture ministry request to rewrite her lyrics in French
C: Turkey, which refused to send a contestant to Greece
Question 11
According to Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index 2006, which are Europe's most, and least, corrupt countries?
A: Belarus and Finland
B: Russia and the UK
C: Albania and Norway
Question 12
An unknown work by which German composer was discovered among documents rescued from a fire?
A: Robert Schumann
B: Ludwig van Beethoven
C: Johann Sebastian Bach

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