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Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 December 2006, 12:27 GMT
Turkish Airlines gets the hump
A camel on the banks of the Bosphorous
Some say camel meat tastes like 'coarse beef'
A job well done is worth celebrating, but Turkish Airlines say staff went too far when they sacrificed a camel.

To mark the last delivery of 100 aircraft, maintenance workers clubbed together to buy the beast - and then consume it.

The sacrifice took place at Istanbul international airport.

"They didn't ask permission," a spokeswoman for the airline told the BBC, adding that the boss of the offending staff had been suspended.

He will remain off work while the incident is investigated.

Camel is eaten in Turkey, while the sacrifice of animals - usually sheep - is performed during the Festival of Sacrifice, marking the willingness of the prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) to sacrifice his son when God ordered him to.

"But it wasn't anything to do with that," said Belgin Alisan of Turkish Airlines, which was last week accepted into the Lufthansa-led Star Alliance.

"They went too far. We are really quite shocked."

Top-selling daily Hurriyet said 700kg of camel meat had been distributed among the workers.

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