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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 October 2006, 18:30 GMT 19:30 UK
Georgian deportee dies in Moscow
Deportation flight returns to Tbilisi
Russia's deportation of Georgians has infuriated Tbilisi
A Georgian man has died from an asthma attack at a Moscow airport while waiting to be deported from Russia.

The Georgian embassy says Tengiz Togonidze, 58, was denied medical attention during five days of detention despite his requests to see a doctor.

The Russian authorities say everything possible was done for Mr Togonidze, who died at Domodedovo airport.

A plane carrying about 150 other deported Georgians left Moscow on Tuesday, bound for Georgia.

In a statement on Tuesday, EU foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg urged Russia "not to pursue measures targeting Georgians" and voiced "grave concern" about the impact of Russia's economic sanctions against Georgia.

Talks with Putin

EU External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner also asked the pro-Western authorities in Georgia to avoid actions leading to tension. She said both sides should tone down their rhetoric.

EU leaders are to have dinner with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Lahti, Finland, on Friday. The talks were planned to focus on energy security, but Georgia is also expected to be on the agenda now.

About 700 Georgians have been deported as illegal immigrants since Russia imposed sanctions on Georgia two weeks ago.

Human rights groups say some of those expelled were in Russia legally.

Russia started expelling Georgian citizens in a crackdown after Georgia briefly detained four Russians last month, accusing them of spying.

Russia also imposed a transport and postal blockade on the former Soviet republic in the Caucasus.

At a news conference in Moscow, human rights groups described the Russian crackdown as a "hunt", the BBC's James Rodgers reports.

They distributed what they said were leaked police documents from St Petersburg ordering officers to put pressure on courts dealing with deportation cases. A spokesman for St Petersburg police denied all knowledge of the documents.

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