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Frenchwoman 'killed her babies'
Veronique Courjault
Ms Courjault had been denying the babies were hers
A Frenchwoman has been jailed after confessing to killing three babies she gave birth to between 1999 and 2003.

The bodies of two of Veronique Courjault's babies were found in a freezer at her home in South Korea, where she had lived with her husband.

The couple had initially denied the babies were theirs but DNA tests showed they were the parents.

A lawyer for Ms Courjault said her husband had not been aware of the births or the killings.

Marc Morin confirmed his client was being investigated over the murders.

"We have to clarify a number of points but she has not disputed her responsibility," he told the AFP news agency.

Ms Courjault's husband, Jean Louis Courjault, is under investigation for being an accomplice to murder but has not been jailed.

'Concealed pregnancies'

The killings came to light in July when Mr Courjault told South Korean police he had discovered the corpses of two babies in his freezer.

His wife was on holiday in France at the time.

The couple denied the babies were theirs but DNA tests in South Korea proved otherwise.

Ms Courjault, who had refused to return to South Korea, then confessed to French authorities that she had suffocated the babies.

She said she had concealed the pregnancies from her husband, who was often away on business.

'Family tomb'

Ms Courjault also confessed that she had killed another child she had given birth to in 1999, while living in France.

She said she disposed the body of the first child by burning it in the fireplace of her home.

The bodies of the babies killed in South Korea were hidden in a large freezer in the house that Ms Courjault's husband seldom used.

An investigator told French newspaper Liberation that Ms Courjault seemed to regard the freezer as a sort of "family tomb".

The couple already have two children - sons aged 10 and 11 - and according to Liberation, Ms Courjault told investigators she killed the babies because she "did not want more children".

It is not clear why she did not seek an abortion.

Ms Courjault has been imprisoned and faces trial for murder in the town of Orleans in central France.

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