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Last Updated: Friday, 13 October 2006, 13:31 GMT 14:31 UK
Germany to boost child protection
The German government has promised extra measures to protect children after a toddler was found dead in his drug-addicted parents' fridge.

Social services in the city of Bremen had been aware for some time that two-year-old "Kevin" was suffering abuse at the hands of his father.

Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries pledged better co-ordination between departments looking after children.

An early warning system to detect child abuse is to be introduced this year.

Social services, who had been looking after the two-year-old, had sent him back to live with his father, on the advice of a psychiatrist, who said it could help the father beat his drug addiction.

The boy's addict mother had died earlier in suspicious circumstances.

The senator responsible for social services in Bremen, Karin Roepke, resigned this week after Kevin's battered body was found by police who had come to take him into care for good.

His father was arrested and now faces charges of manslaughter and child abuse.

Meanwhile, the apartment block where Kevin had lived has become a makeshift shrine, with people coming from across the city to lay flowers and light candles.

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