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Natascha abductor buried secretly
Wolfgang Priklopil
Priklopil held Natascha Kampusch in a windowless basement

The man who held Austrian schoolgirl Natascha Kampusch captive for eight years has been buried secretly and under a false name, officials said.

Wolfgang Priklopil, 44, committed suicide by jumping under a train after Ms Kampusch escaped on 23 August.

The secret burial was to deter vandals, officials said.

There were only two mourners but not Ms Kampusch, they said. She paid her respects alone at the morgue on Thursday and lit a candle.

Police guard

Maj Gen Gerhard Lang of the Federal Criminal Investigations Bureau said only Mr Priklopil's mother and the sister of a former business partner were at the graveside.

They said a prayer at the cemetery, south of Vienna.

Natasha Kampusch (television grab)
Ms Kampusch did not attend the funeral ceremony

The ceremony lasted only five to 10 minutes, Austrian radio said. No priest was in attendance and nine policemen stood guard.

Police spokesman Helmut Greiner told AFP news agency: "Ms Kampusch bade her farewell to Mr Priklopil [on Thursday] at the morgue... she was there all alone and lit a candle."

The communications technician held Ms Kampusch, now 18, in a small, windowless basement beneath his garage in the commuter town of Strasshof, 25km (15 miles) outside Vienna for eight and a half years.

For the first two years, Mr Priklopil did not allow her access to the news, but he later let her listen to the radio and read some newspapers.

He told her he would kill himself - and others - if she escaped.

Ms Kampusch, who was 10 when she was abducted in March 1998, fled when he was distracted and ran to a neighbour's garden.

Separately on Friday, Gen Lang said investigators had found a number of bogus online appeals trying to raise cash for Ms Kampusch and warned potential donors to check details carefully.

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