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Germany eyes tighter terror laws
Wolfgang Schaeuble, German Interior Minister
Schaeuble wants more surveillance cameras
German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has called for new anti-terror measures following a failed bomb attack on two trains last month.

Mr Schaeuble proposed increased monitoring of the internet and more video surveillance.

The minister also appealed for help from Germany's Muslim community to counter Islamic extremists.

One Lebanese man was arrested in connection with the plot and another is believed to have fled Germany.

The great majority of Muslims must say what they think more loudly - that they reject terror
Wolfgang Schaeuble
German Interior Minister

The bombs failed to explode due to a technical fault.

Mr Schaeuble's comments to the newspaper Die Zeit come two days after Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany needed to step up internal security.

On Monday, she called for more video surveillance and a national database of terror suspects.

Mr Schaeuble said he was drawing up proposals to tighten anti-terror laws.

"More security cameras should be used where it is sensible. We need to step up monitoring of the Internet, for which we need more experts with the right language skills," he said.

He added that checks on the rail lines and air traffic security should be increased.

Appeal to the Muslims

The interior minister said Muslims in Germany could do more to help counter Islamic extremists.

German police hold a Lebanese man (centre) suspected of planting a bomb on a train, 20 Aug 06
The detained Lebanese student is believed to have accomplices

"The great majority of Muslims must say what they think more loudly - that they reject terror. After all it threatens Muslims just as much as non-Muslims," he said.

The Central Council of Muslims in Germany offered to increase its cooperation with the security services but warned against any blanket condemnation of Islam in the fight against violent extremists, AFP news agency reported.

Security camera footage released by German police

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18 Aug 06 |  Europe

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