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Serbs see new 'war crimes' tape
Image from footage aired on B92 on Friday 4 August
The first video apparently showed a civilian being killed

A second video allegedly showing war crimes being committed against Serb civilians 11 years ago was broadcast in Serbia on Tuesday.

The footage shows a Bosnian Muslim commander, Atif Dudakovic, apparently ordering the burning of a Serb village.

The Serbian government has called for Gen Dudakovic to be prosecuted. He denies the accusations.

Last week another tape emerged, which apparently showed the murder of a surrendered Serb civilian.

It allegedly showed Croat paramilitaries and Bosnian soldiers harassing and attacking convoys of Serb refugees and shooting one of them who had his hands raised in the air.

Both videos were broadcast by the Serbia B92 television station.

'Burn it all'

Like the previous tape, Tuesday's video was apparently shot during Operation Storm in 1995, when Croatian soldiers recaptured parts of Croatia from ethnic Serbs who had declared independence.

Krajina exodus
An estimated 200,000 Serbs fled Krajina in 1995
As Serbs fled from the Croat offensive, General Dudakovic appears to order his troops to torch a village - apparently ordering them to "burn it all".

"It is true that I led the operation, but it is not true that war crimes were committed, and even if some had happened, those were individual cases," General Dudakovic told the Fena news agency.

The Serbian government called for the immediate arrest of General Dudakovic and "other war criminals".

"The recordings, which beyond any doubt testify about Dudakovic's misdeeds, represent evidence that must be taken as the basis for immediate action by police and judiciary," it said in a statement.

The republic of Serb Krajina was a self-proclaimed entity in Croatia, lasting from 1991 to 1995, until Operation Storm brought it under Croat control.

The military operation forced the exodus of about 200,000 Serbs who fled into Bosnia and Serbia.

Hundreds of Serb civilians were killed - mostly elderly people who stayed on after their families had left.

In 2001, General Ante Gotovina was indicted by the Hague tribunal for alleged crimes committed by Croatian forces during Operation Storm.

Former Croatian General Ante Gotovina, who led the offensive, is being tried at The Hague in relation to the killing and forced eviction of ethnic Serb civilians.

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