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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 July 2006, 16:07 GMT 17:07 UK
Putin steps up anti-terror drive
By James Rodgers
BBC News, Moscow

A memorial plaque to the five Russian diplomats killed in Iraq has been installed in the foreign ministry in Moscow
A memorial to the diplomats is installed at the foreign ministry
Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked parliament for permission to send military units outside the country to prevent terrorist activity.

The move follows Russia's offer of a $10m (5.4m) reward for information leading to the killers of five Russian diplomats in Iraq last month.

President Putin has submitted the draft decree to parliament's upper house.

It would permit the deployment of military personnel outside Russia to prevent international terrorism.

The upper house, known as the Federation Council, is strongly supportive of the Russian president.

Russian hostage in an internet video
The Russian diplomats were killed after being kidnapped in Baghdad

There seems little doubt that the draft decree will be approved.

The wording of the document, as quoted to news agencies by the Kremlin's press secretary, does not mention any country in particular.

But last week, President Putin ordered Russian agents to find and destroy the killers of the five diplomats in Iraq.

Mr Putin, what are you thoughts regarding the possibility of a global federation in light of increased terrorism on a global scale?
Begos, Dunstable

Russia was shocked by the deaths and called on the coalition forces occupying Iraq to provide better security for diplomatic missions working there.

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