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Private funeral for Belgian girl
Mourners follow hearse at Nathalie's funeral
Mourners followed the flower-laden hearse bearing Nathalie's coffin
A Belgian girl abducted and killed with her step-sister has been laid to rest in the city of Liege.

Nathalie Mahy, 10, was raped and strangled after being seized from a street party on 9 June.

The funeral of her step-sister Stacy Lemmens, who was also strangled, will take place on Monday, and will be broadcast on state television.

A convicted paedophile is being held on suspicion of killing the girls. He denies any involvement.

The funeral of Nathalie was attended by only close friends and relatives at the request of her father.

He and his ex-wife waited outside the church as a black hearse covered with flowers carried her small white coffin to the church.

Nathalie Mahy
Nathalie's body was found three weeks after she vanished

Many Belgians have paid their respects to the girls at Liege city hall, where a book of condolences was opened.

"Our city, our community is suffering enormously," Liege mayor Willy Demeyer said after paying his respects.

"The city is extremely sad but also angry about the unjust violence to which these two small girls were subjected."

The girls' bodies were found nearly three weeks after they vanished. They had been dumped near a railway line, not far from the scene of their abduction.

The case has revived memories of the murderous activities of paedophile Marc Dutroux, two of whose victims also came from Liege.

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