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Prince 'admits second love child'
Prince Albert II of Monaco
Prince Albert has ruled Monaco since July 2005
Prince Albert II of Monaco has fathered a second illegitimate child, his lawyer has told a French newspaper.

A 14-year-old girl is said to be the daughter of a Californian woman with whom Albert had a brief relationship.

"The prince officially recognises the paternity that was legally established several weeks ago," lawyer Thierry Lacoste told Le Figaro newspaper.

It comes less than a year after Albert acknowledged he was the father of a child born in 2003.


That child, Alexandre, was born to former Air France flight attendant Nicole Coste, who is Togolese and holds French citizenship.

Le Figaro reported that the Californian woman became pregnant with his other child after a short liaison with Albert during a holiday in 1991.

Mr Lacoste said Albert, 48, had initially wanted to protect the child's identity until she was an adult.

"But during the past several weeks the paparazzi began to swarm around her... and the situation became untenable for her," he added.

Neither child would have the right to the throne, having been born out of wedlock.

Under a 2002 succession law, Monaco's throne will pass to Albert's eldest sister, Caroline, if he dies without having a child within a Catholic marriage.

Albert, son of the late Hollywood actress Grace Kelly, succeeded his father Prince Rainier in July last year.

Prince Rainier died at the age of 81 of lung, heart and kidney problems after ruling the Mediterranean principality for half-a-century.

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