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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 May 2006, 17:21 GMT 18:21 UK
Swiss recall Pakistan diplomats
A Swiss visa
The ministry says the embassy was targeted by organised crime
Switzerland is to replace all the staff at its embassy in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, following an investigation into visa applications.

The investigation found that some applicants had been able to obtain visas under false pretences.

The foreign ministry said it had uncovered poor organisation and a failure to comply with regulations, but found no evidence of crimes by staff.

The visa section will be closed until staffing is reorganised.

The ministry said the investigation had been set up to establish whether the visa section was effectively organised and whether Swiss employees were involved in human trafficking.

Two Pakistani employees of the embassy had previously been accused of such activities.

The ministry said the decision to replace all staff did not imply any guilt.

It is also replacing all staff at the consulate-general in Karachi.

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