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Last Updated: Saturday, 22 April 2006, 16:34 GMT 17:34 UK
Blasts at Ukrainian supermarkets
By Helen Fawkes
BBC News, Kiev

People look at damage to Kharkiv supermarket
Two blasts went off almost simultaneously
Fourteen people have been injured by explosions at two supermarkets in eastern Ukraine.

The stores were packed with shoppers when the blasts - which were almost simultaneous - occurred at around 12 noon local time.

The two supermarkets, in the city of Kharkiv, are about a kilometre apart from each other.

According to Ukraine's interior ministry the blasts appear to have been caused by homemade bombs.

Motive unknown

The devices were planted in the supermarkets' lockers where customers are able to leave their bags while shopping.

Most of the people who were injured were treated at the scene while the others were taken to hospital. No-one is thought to have been seriously hurt.

When the explosions happened the two supermarkets in Kharkiv were busy with people buying supplies because this weekend Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter.

The motive for the blasts is not immediately clear but disputes between competing business groups in this former Soviet Republic have sometimes turned violent.

The Ukrainian media has reported that an explosive device had been found at one of the supermarkets a month ago.

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