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Chernobyl voices: Viktoria Bormotova
Viktoria Bormotova

Viktoria Bormotova
Student activist, Kiev
Born 23 June 1986

When I was 11 a professor came to our school and said that our future was in bad situation and we had to think about it.

He had a collection of monsters born in the Chernobyl zone, for example a cow with four horns, a piglet without legs, and a cat with two heads. We had these dried animals in our school, and we were afraid.

All of us are afraid that our children will be not normal, with some physical deformities
We started to do a lot of ecological projects - monitoring the health of young people and the state of the environment in our region.

When we understood that the situation was not very good, we tried to do something. We started an organisation for youth who wanted to change their future.

The Youth Ecological Centre tries to give young people information about the ecological situation in our country, and in our city. We try to make children think about these problems and do something to protect our environment.

We work with schools and with kindergartens. We also arrange activities for children outside school, such as a bicycle patrol in our local forest. They go to the forest, make ecological maps, and collect rubbish.

Sun allergies

We understood that our health was in very big danger. The results of our medical examinations were bad - our doctor said they were normal for children born in 1986, but not for others.


A lot of us had to spend time in hospital. I know a lot of children, of my age and a little bit older, who passed their childhood in hospitals. All of us are afraid that our children will be not normal, with some physical deformities.

I have a problem with my thyroid gland. It's overactive and bigger than it should be. When the sun is shining a lot and I am on the beach I get a rash on my neck and I need to protect it from the sun. People of my age have a lot of problems with sun. A lot of us are allergic to it.


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