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Explorer faces Russia expulsion
Karl Bushby
Karl Bushby has 10 days to lodge an appeal
A British explorer who has spent the last seven-and-a-half years on a quest to walk around the world is to be expelled from Russia.

Ex-paratrooper Karl Bushby, 36, from Hull, was fined by a Russian court for entering the country without paperwork.

Mr Bushby and fellow explorer Dimitri Kieffer arrived near the unauthorised entry point of Uelen on 2 April having crossed the Bering Strait from Alaska.

His father Keith said the court had "knocked his legs away from under him".

Map of Bering Sea
It took 14 days to cross the frozen strait
He said his son was bitterly disappointed by the court's decision.

He said entering Russia at an unauthorised point had been the explorers' only option given their route.

His son is part-way through 12-year record-breaking bid to walk around the world, known as the Goliath expedition.

He said the pair had tried to speak to the relevant authorities to no avail ahead of the "window" to cross the frozen strait.

He said of his son: "He's just shocked. I don't think it's really sunk it yet."

Although the pair had valid business visas they were accused of not completing proper formalities on arrival.

Mr Bushby and American Dimitri Kieffer were later detained by border guards and moved to the village of Lavrentiya.

They have 10 days to lodge an appeal.

Was expected to take more than 12 years to complete
It was to cover over 36,000 miles
The route took in 25 countries
Karl Bushby set off 1 November 1998
He has completed more than 17,000 miles

The pair are staying with a local priest in Lavrentiya, about 500 miles north-east of the Chukota provincial capital, Anadyr, but have been told they must not leave the village.

BBC Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenburg said the pair were likely to be deported in days.

The real question now is whether Mr Bushby would be allowed to return to Russia, said our correspondent.

"The British embassy hopes that Karl will be allowed to return to Russia at some point to continue his walk," he said.

Mr Bushby began his journey near the southern tip of South America, in the Chilean town of Punta Arenas.

He then walked north through South America, Central and North America, crossing from Alaska into Siberia via the frozen Arctic waters of the Chukchi Sea (north of the Bering Straits).

Before his arrest, he had hoped to travel south west down the eastern coast of Russia, before turning west across Asia and Europe and reaching the UK, via the Channel Tunnel, in four years' time.

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