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Italian election results: Voters' reaction
Romano Prodi
Romano Prodi says he has won the right to become prime minister
Voters in Italy are waiting to find out who their next government will be after one of the narrowest outcomes in the country's electoral history.

Centre-left leader Romano Prodi has won enough seats in the Senate to become leader but Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is disputing the results and refusing to admit defeat.

The BBC News website spoke to two voters anxiously awaiting an outcome.


It is a sad situation here at the moment.

We are a divided people right now in the middle of a very serious political crisis.
Cecilia Rasile

I voted for Berlusconi, because there was no real alternative.

He also knows how to manage the economy and that is the number one issue here.

We are in a big economic crisis.

Prodi is not a leader. His proposals for the economy will not work.

He says we need to increase taxation, but if he takes money away from Italians how does he expect the economy to grow?

He will find it very difficult to form a government as there is a great divide among parties on the left.

The two parties on the left don't agree on anything.

He has no base to govern from.

People did not vote for him anyway, they were voting against Berlusconi.

I think any government Prodi forms will only last for three or four months and then we will have to have another election to return Berlusconi to power.

But Berlusconi will have to work hard now to regain that power.

He must concede this election first and then come back stronger when this new government collapses.


I am very worried about what's happening here. I don't know what's going to happen.

Prodi will be able to form a government. How long it will last, nobody can say
I voted for Prodi.

I think he will make an effective leader. He has proved this before.

He said even if he won with a narrow victory he can govern effectively and I believe him.

His problem in forming a government is that the left coalition is made up of very different people, ranging from the centre to the left.

But he will be able to form a government. How long it will last, nobody can say.

He has won a lot of seats in the lower chamber, but it is so tight in the upper chamber.

I really didn't expect it to be so tight. I thought he would win with a big majority.

My vote for Prodi was both a vote for him and a protest vote against Berlusconi.

I dislike what Berlusconi has done and more importantly I dislike the fact that there is so much he has not done.

In particular he has done nothing to prevent the economic disaster we now find ourselves in.

He talked about himself and not his people.

I never voted for him and I hope he can now allow a new leader to take his place.


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