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Last Updated: Friday, 7 April 2006, 13:44 GMT 14:44 UK
Driver injures French protesters
Angry students overturning car which drove into crowd
Students attacked the car after it had hit some of them
A motorist has driven into a crowd of student protesters in Paris, lightly injuring at least seven of them.

One was dragged along for several metres by the Renault Twingo car on the Boulevard Saint Germain, the French news agency AFP reported.

Police gave chase and stopped the car, which furious students then overturned. The driver was lightly injured.

The students were continuing a wave of protests against a youth jobs law (CPE) aimed at reducing high unemployment.

President Jacques Chirac's ruling UMP party held talks with unions on Friday in an effort to hammer out a compromise deal on the CPE, or First Job Contract, after weeks of mass protests and damaging strikes.

Contrat Premiere Embauche (CPE): A new work contract for under-26s allowing a two-year trial period
In that period, employers can end a contract without explanation
After two years, the CPE reverts to a standard full-time contract
Became law on 2 April, but amendments are expected - employers are being asked not to apply it yet

The talks also involved the Medef employers' association and CGPME small business federation.

Millions have demonstrated against the law, which would allow firms to sack youngsters without explanation during the first two years.

Some students are continuing to blockade schools and universities.

Jacky Dintinger, a union leader quoted by Reuters news agency, warned that "if we don't get what we are seeking, we'll start making preparations for further mobilisation on the scale that we saw on Tuesday".

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