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Swedish 'cannibal' ate sisters
Lennart Persson (undated picture)
Lennart Persson had grown up with the two women as foster sisters
A Swedish man is facing charges of murdering his two foster sisters amid claims that he drank their blood and ate parts of their bodies.

Lennart Persson, 29, confessed to the killings and cannibalism, claiming "he did the sickest things that you couldn't even dream of", say reports.

His alleged victims, aged 19 and 34, were stabbed in their homes within seven months of each other last year.

The story has shocked Swedes, who can recall few more gruesome cases.

The first killing took place in March last year - 19-year-old Anna Norell was found dead at her home in the eastern city of Gavle, having been stabbed more than 40 times.

Her boyfriend was suspected and arrested, but DNA tests eventually showed that he could not be linked to the murder.

DNA links

In October, Camilla Lifvendahl, also from Gavle, was found dead, having been stabbed at least 60 times.

The police were quick to make a connection between the killings - given the nature of the attacks. They also discovered that the women had lived together in a foster home when they were younger, and interviewed Mr Persson.

He claims that he drank the blood of both women (and) that he ate parts of one of the women's chest area
Christer Sammens

DNA tests are reported to have linked him to both crimes.

"He claims that he drank the blood of both women (and) that he ate parts of one of the women's chest area," prosecutor Christer Sammens told AFP.

"This has been corroborated by the coroner, who confirmed that there are bits of the body missing."

Christel Persson, a journalist at the Expressen newspaper, told the BBC News website that the story, which is headline news in Sweden, had shocked Swedes.

"I think it is just horrid and we had a terrible shock when we realise that there was a connection between the women," she said.

The motive for the killings is still unclear. Police have described Mr Persson as mentally ill, but he is still due to stand trial on 26 January.

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